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Uncomn Projects partnered with Camden Securities Company to launch L+O, two brand new luxury towers in the heart of the NoHo Arts District. Through comprehensive market insights, bold brand identity, strategic web design, and creative signage solutions, Uncomn helped L+O embody a tranquil, wellness-focused living experience that resonates with the vibrant North Hollywood community.


L+O required a cohesive brand strategy that would appeal to North Hollywood’s diverse mix of creatives, young professionals, and entertainment industry talent. The brand needed to convey a holistic lifestyle rooted in wellness while celebrating the neighborhood’s artistic energy. Uncomn Projects needed to craft an inviting identity, web presence, and signage that would position L+O as a vibrant community focused on living well amid the buzzing NoHo Arts District. 


Our market research revealed that the North Hollywood rental market attracts a dynamic demographic, primarily singles in their late 20s to early 40s working in administrative, management, and entertainment roles. This target audience is drawn to the area’s relative affordability compared to neighboring Downtown Los Angeles or West Hollywood. 

These insights informed L+O’s brand positioning as a lively community tailored to creatives and professionals seeking a balanced living experience with a focus on amenities and convenience. Aligning the brand with the core values of this niche demographic was key for a successful lease-up and long-term market share.


Uncomn designed a serene yet vibrant brand identity capturing L+O’s essence as a wellness-focused retreat in the heart of the arts district. The fresh color palette blends greens and blues with energetic pops of orange and yellow to communicate positivity. Layered textures add visual interest and an organic touch. The modern typography feels both approachable and refined. Together, the visual identity positions L+O as an inviting community amid the creative bustle of North Hollywood.

L+O’s website offers a memorable digital experience designed to captivate prospective renters exploring the North Hollywood market.

Uncomn designed, developed, and tested a custom 10-page website that immerses visitors in the brand story

Lush lifestyle photography and soothing colors communicate the property’s energetic vibe. Thoughtful UI/UX guides users through L+O’s boutique amenities, wellness offerings, and neighborhood attractions. Interactive floor plans and virtual tours provide an enticing preview of the luxury residences. The site serves as an effective leasing tool with prominent calls-to-action and mobile- first design.

To immerse residents and visitors in L+O’s serene brand from the moment they arrive, Uncomn developed a comprehensive signage package. Design-forward monument signs, building identifiers, and wayfinding elements integrate the logo, colors, and patterns to make a powerful brand statement. Interior signage incorporates biophilic design with lush greenery and nature-inspired art to foster a sense of tranquility throughout amenity spaces. The cohesive signage enhances L+O’s identity as a wellness haven.

Uncomn art directed an engaging lifestyle photo shoot to capture L+O’s essence and bring the brand story to life. The photography balances polished interiors with authentic, relatable scenes of connection and relaxation. Natural light and soothing colors reinforce the tranquil mood. These images serve as compelling visual assets across L+O’s website, digital marketing, and print collateral to transport the target audience into the inviting community.

L+O’s occupancy reached 95% within the first 6 months, with a remarkable 63% of leases originating from the website. The brand continues to garner attention, earning L+O recognition among LA’s top wellness-oriented multifamily communities. By crafting a compelling brand story across every touchpoint, Uncomn helped L+O connect authentically with residents and solidify its position as a prime multifamily apartment community in the NoHo Arts District.


Leasing Signage
Email Template
3D Floor Plans
Leasing Signage
Email Template
3D Floor Plans

L+O's refreshing brand strikes a delicate balance between luxury and vitality, embodying the essence of mindful living. The soothing yet spirited visual identity invites residents to retreat, recharge , and embrace a lifestyle of intentional wellness within a vibrant, creative community.

Logo and Color Palette L and O

L+O's vibrant leasing signage makes a bold statement , immediately capturing the attention of potential residents . The striking color palette pops against the neutral backdrop , creating an eye-catching contrast. Playful arrows guide the eye towards the key messaging , urging prospects to imagine L+O as their new home.

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By crafting a compelling brand story across every touchpoint , Uncomn helped L+O connect authentically with residents and solidify its position as a prime multifamily apartment community in the NoHo Arts District.

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