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Uncomn Projects transformed Deco, a new 350-unit apartment community in Denver, by crafting a unique brand identity that resonates with young professionals seeking a genuine connection to the city’s vibrant spirit to establish Deco as “authentically Denver”.


Deco, a new apartment community targeting young transplants in Denver, faced a unique challenge. The
rental market was saturated, and competitors relied on generic branding that lacked any connection to the city’s vibrant spirit. Existing visual identities felt outdated and failed to capture the residents’ desire for
authentic experiences that went beyond superficial portrayals of Colorado culture. Deco needed a vibrant brand and messaging strategy that communicated a sense of community and connection, while still offering the modern amenities expected by residents, like contemporary finishes and smart-home technology. Our task was to seamlessly blend tradition and innovation through a cohesive brand
identity and web presence, capturing the essence of Denver without feeling trendy.


Deep-diving into the Denver experience: Through in-depth consumer research, we unearthed a powerful yearning among young professionals. They craved experiences that truly captured the essence of Denver:

Sunshine-soaked days: 
Denver’s legendary 300+ days of sunshine were a major draw.

Adventure in their DNA: 
The city’s adventurous spirit resonated deeply with this demographic.

A touch of craft: 
The unique and vibrant craft culture of Denver held significant appeal. 
Standing Out from the Crowd: 
Competitive analysis revealed a crucial gap. Existing options failed to foster a sense of community or capture the richness of Denver’s unique offerings through their branding. We identified an opportunity to blend heritage with innovation, highlighting both modern amenities and a localized lifestyle. By distilling the target audience’s psychographics into an authentic brand platform, we were confident we could create a brand that truly resonated.

Uncomn Projects conceived an artisanal “authentically Denver” aesthetic for Deco spanning natural textures to stylistic logos imprinted through black-foil stamping onto collateral. Digital and print touchpoints spotlight Deco’s community over commoditization through bold colors and curated photography celebrating the Colorado lifestyle await at residents’ doorsteps. 

The branded website creates new leads through spotlighting conveniences and neighborhood offerings alongside upscale interior finishes. Targeted social media and community engagement nurture resident connections to Deco’s personalized hospitality experience in an ideal locals-beloved location.


Logo Development
Website Design
Fence Wrap
3D Floor Plans
Logo Development
Website Design
Fence Wrap
3D Floor Plans
Colore Palette for Deco brand
Logo Dev for Deco

Uncomn Projects designed an artisanal “authentically Denver” brand identity for Deco encompassing natural wood textures, hand-drawn logos, and bold mountain hues. The branding and messaging spotlight amenities while conveying cultural connectedness to the Colorado lifestyle modern residents crave. Tactfully blending heritage and innovation, Uncomn’s bespoke brand solutions resonate with the target demographic and fuels ongoing community engagement

Uncomn Projects would always recommends investing in high-quality renderings to provide prospects visual inspiration during leasing journeys. Meticulous, photo-real artwork envisioning staged interiors with engaging vignettes spotlights livability better than drawings alone. Great renders trigger emotional connections, helping prospects envision themselves thriving within branded spaces you created through light, layout and details personalized to their priorities.

Collage for Deco