The Secret to Resident Retention

Tenant engagement is key to increasing your resident retention rates at your property. At Uncomn Projects, we develop weekly programming, special events, and connect the residents with their local community. This extra step may be outside of the scope of traditional marketing groups, but our ability to connect and engage with the tenant is just one part of what makes Uncomn different from the rest.

Engage on social media –  It is important to humanize your company with potential and current residents. Engaging and interacting with users online can solve minor issues and provide support to answer any resident’s questions or concerns. In addition, utilizing social media is a great way to make announcements going on around the building and promote resident and community events. 

Weekly blogWriting weekly blogs provide an informational outlet for residents about their surrounding community. From the best restaurants to discovering ideas for the holidays, these articles will build a community and humanize your brand. Another benefit of writing blogs is that it will improve your website’s SEO. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) improves the amount of website traffic by increasing the visibility of web pages within a website.

Resident eventsHosting resident events will help to establish a community among tenants. One of our most popular resident events is our pet- friendly “Yappy Hour.” Events like this allow residents to engage with their neighbors and connect with the leasing team which humanizes the team and the property.   

Leasing eventsHosting leasing events will entice tenants to discover what your property has to offer. This is also another great way to utilize word-of-mouth marketing and enable potential renters to come and experience the community.

Resident perksDeveloping partnerships with local businesses by creating resident perks allows residents to enjoy everything their community has to offer. This is another great way to increase retention and incentivize residents to support local businesses. 

Utilizing resident services enables your property to develop a community within your building, that not only attracts new tenants but retains current residents within your building improving your property occupancy. For more information about our resident services, be sure to check out out the link or email us at [email protected].

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