The Outdoor Boom 2021

The events of 2020 have significantly impacted consumer behavior creating the outdoor boom 2021. The pandemic forced people indoors for more than a year, and now pent-up demand is undeniably leading to a wave of people across all ages seeking outdoor experiences. In 2020, we saw the rise of the home goods sector as consumers began focusing on improving interior living spaces. Now approaching Summer 2021, Gen-Z and Millennials are shifting their disposable spending to focus on outdoor spaces and adventures.

We’ve already seen most of our properties fully reopen their amenity spaces and welcoming residents back to enjoy these areas. But how will the events of last year permanently impact the spaces we design going forward?

It is also important to consider that work-from-home company policies have now become the norm. With this evolution, we expect consumers to seek ways to offset their screen time by spending time outdoors during and after the workday. Now we must reimagine amenity spaces and create outdoor rooms that support work, relaxation, and social gatherings.

So, let’s dive into some ideas on how to incorporate outdoor spaces in multifamily apartment buildings.

Outdoor Escape

The idea of integrating “indoor/outdoor” living has reached a new high. The simple fireplace and outdoor chairs are no longer enough to wow your user. It’s time to meet the moment and provide unique experiences – consider outdoor relaxation spaces, areas for entertaining, and even bathing and spa-like facilities. 

Social Spaces: The humble outdoor barbecue is now fully upgraded to an exterior kitchen fit for entertaining. Bar areas are set to elevate your cocktail capabilities, and home cinemas are created with a cozy sitting room and an outdoor projector. Why return to a crowded bar when your apartment has an outdoor space for socializing without leaving the house? 

New Outdoor Living Amenities 

Outdoor Cinema: Inflatable screens and projectors for residents to host a backyard movie night with a focus on socializing and entertainment in a properties outdoor amenities

Outdoor Entertainment Bar: Forget the indoor kitchen in the clubhouse, residents are interested in an outdoor setup where smart appliances provide them freshly poured beer on tap or a smart cocktail at the tap of a button.

The Ultimate Staycation:  Why travel abroad when your property offers resort-like features just an elevator click away? Incorporating luxury hotel features into a property’s outdoor space will make your resident never want to leave. Consider recreating a taste of the Mediterranean or tropical vibes while international travel is still a few months out with next-level resident events. Invest in a hammock or Tulum-inspired cabanas that will offer your resident that vacation feels. Spa features can be incorporated into your amenities through hot tubs and influencer-worthy outdoor bathtubs with nearby fire features.

Outdoor Boom 2021

It is time to dive deep into your consumer’s behavior and overall living trends. What do they want? How will your resident feel fully satisfied at home? Through our custom consumer insight report, we utilize consumer data and on-the-ground local observations and use that information to develop consumer profiles that define who we are building for and then create a differentiation strategy for your property considering design trends to attract your target resident. This report is the foundation used to develop a property. 

Extended time spent at home has resulted in the outdoor boom with new ways of enjoying outside spaces.

Do you want to cultivate your outdoor amenity spaces?

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