Multifamily Amenities: What Residents Really Want in 2023


In the dynamic world of multifamily real estate, understanding what residents want is key to staying competitive. Now more than ever, with the profound influence of the pandemic and changing lifestyles, there’s a shift in resident expectations. This article will delve into the top multifamily amenities that residents are looking for in 2023.

The Rise of Resident Expectations

As we transition into the post-pandemic era, the definition of ‘home’ has been dramatically reshaped. For many, home is now not just a place to unwind after a long day—it’s become the office, the gym, and the entertainment center. This evolution has precipitated a shift in resident needs and expectations. Amenities that were once considered luxury are now being viewed as necessities, thus redefining the multifamily landscape.

Top 10 Amenities for 2023

In light of these changes, let’s explore the top 10 amenities that residents are seeking in multifamily housing in 2023.

Work-From-Home Spaces

With remote work now a permanent fixture for many companies, the demand for dedicated home-office spaces within multifamily units has risen substantially. Spaces that offer quiet, well-lit areas conducive to productivity are a top priority. Communities that provide shared co-working spaces or private offices also hold a strong appeal to the modern-day worker.

Apartment work from home

Wellness Amenities

Wellness has become a critical consideration for residents. From state-of-the-art fitness centers and yoga studios to outdoor spaces that encourage physical activities, the focus on health and wellness is high on the agenda. Properties that offer wellness technologies, such as air and water purification systems or circadian lighting, are also seeing increased interest.

apartment yoga class

Smart Home Technology

Tech-savvy residents are looking for homes that can keep up with their digital lifestyle. The incorporation of smart home technologies, such as smart thermostats, keyless entry systems, or voice-controlled appliances, can significantly enhance the appeal of a multifamily property.

Apartment Smart Home Technology

Pet-Friendly Amenities

The companionship of pets has been especially appreciated during the pandemic, leading to an uptick in pet ownership. Consequently, pet-friendly policies and amenities such as pet washing stations, dog parks, and even pet daycare services, are highly sought after in multifamily communities.

pet friendly multifamily apartment community (1)

Sustainability Initiatives

Today’s residents are increasingly conscious of their environmental impact. As such, properties that showcase green living features, such as energy-efficient appliances, solar power, recycling programs, or electric vehicle charging stations, resonate with these eco-conscious individuals.

Community Spaces

Despite the rise in digital interaction, the desire for physical community spaces remains strong. Features such as clubhouses, rooftops, and lounges that allow for socializing and community building are highly appreciated by residents. Regularly organized community events also add to the charm of living in multifamily housing.

luxury multifamily apartment clubhouse amenities

Security Features

A sense of safety is paramount for residents. Advanced security systems such as video surveillance, access control, and emergency alert systems are no longer optional but a necessity in multifamily housing. Some properties are even employing concierge services to enhance the feeling of security and convenience.

Convenient Online Services

With the digitalization of many aspects of our lives, residents expect seamless online services for their housing needs. Efficient property management systems that offer easy rent payments, maintenance requests, and community updates online are high on the list of desirable amenities.

On-site Services

The value of convenience is unparalleled, and amenities that save residents’ time are a big hit. On-site conveniences such as package lockers, dry cleaning drop-off and pick-up, and even grocery delivery services can significantly enhance a property’s appeal.

How Uncomn Projects Can Help

At Uncomn Projects, we understand the evolving needs of residents and the multifamily real estate market. Our data-driven approach and industry expertise enable us to assist developers in designing properties with the right mix of amenities to attract and retain residents. Our comprehensive understanding of market trends and consumer demands allows us to provide valuable insights for your property positioning. We analyze your target demographic, location, and competition to ensure your property’s amenities meet and exceed market expectations.

The multifamily amenities that residents desire are constantly evolving, influenced by societal changes, technological advancements, and market trends. Staying ahead of these changes and meeting the needs of prospective residents requires insight, creativity, and a deep understanding of the multifamily market – attributes that Uncomn Projects brings to the table.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What are the most sought-after amenities in multifamily properties in 2023?

The most desired amenities include dedicated work-from-home spaces, wellness-focused amenities, smart home technology, pet-friendly facilities, sustainability initiatives, community spaces, security features, convenient online services, high-speed internet, and on-site services.

2. How can a multifamily property differentiate itself in the market?

Differentiating in the market involves understanding what potential residents value and offering those features in your property. This could include unique amenities, community-building initiatives, or superior online services. It’s also important to have a compelling brand narrative that highlights these offerings.

3. How can Uncomn Projects assist multifamily property developers?

Uncomn Projects provides a range of services, including market insight and positioning, asset positioning, brand identity and messaging, and design services such as interactive site maps and floor plan designs. Our data-driven approach and industry expertise allow us to guide developers in creating properties that resonate with target residents.

4. Why are wellness amenities becoming more popular?

With an increased focus on health and wellness, residents appreciate properties that support their wellness goals. This can range from fitness facilities and outdoor spaces for physical activities, to wellness technologies that enhance the living environment.

5. What role does technology play in multifamily housing?

Technology plays a significant role in enhancing the resident experience. This includes smart home technologies that provide convenience, efficient online property management systems, reliable high-speed internet, and advanced security systems for safety.

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