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Trending Snacks: New Avenues in Snacking

Trending Snacks:

New Avenues in Snacking

Snackers, get ready to get your graze on! We’re dishing the deets on major munchie trends and how food & beverage brands can get a piece of the snack pie.


Let’s dive into the data and uncover how today’s consumers are getting down with different snacking styles. Enjoy our bite-size tips, offering ways to deliver convenience, comfort, and discovery – even in tricky economic times.

  • Budget Bites – Despite inflation, 75% of consumers say they’ll always find room in their budget for snacks. Food inflation remains steep worldwide, but snack foods are an inexpensive treat. Keep quality snacks affordable to be chosen amongst the crowd.


  • Smeals – Hybrid offerings that blur the line between snacks and meals for convenience. Combining the satisfaction of a meal with the ease of a snack can be a winning formula. Explore items like breakfast sandwiches, shareable snack trays, and snack-sized main dishes to meet this growing consumer need. The latest Tiktok trend highlights smeals through what’s known as “girl dinner” – a snacking-style approach to dinner that features a killer combo of all of your favorite snacks.


  • Snacks with Swag – Collabs with lifestyle brands spark buzz and deliver snacks with style. Tie-ins with apparel brands, musicians, gaming companies, and more generate hype while aligning snacks with identity. Limited edition options up the exclusivity factor. Drops create urgency to purchase and social cachet.
  • Flavor Journeys – Curate snack flights for explorin’ new brands and global flavors. Tap into consumers’ sense of adventure and desire for discovery. Rotating selections provide guided exploration of artisanal brands and international flavors. Enlist influencers as guides introducing their favorite picks. Pop-up grazeries facilitate sampling.


  • Function + Flavor – Balance craveworthy and healthy with functional superfoods and sustainable sourcing. Don’t shy away from satisfying cravings, but incorporate ingredients like plant-based proteins, probiotics and omegas. Local and ethically-sourced is key. Compostable packaging makes feel-good snacking easy.

With disrupted routines, snackin’ frequency is at an all time high. 78% of consumers globally say they snack regularly to take care of their bodies. But motivations around munching are shifting too. People crave quick comfort bites between meals. Satisfy needs for fast, filling “smeals” on-the-go. Snacks also give affordable little luxuries amid money stress.


Collabs generate hype and align snacks with identity. Limited editions up the exclusivity. Empower discovery through curated tastings and partnerships. Strike a balance between tasty and healthy with functional ingredients and sustainable practices.


Let’s chat about seizing the endless opportunities snacks bring to the table!