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Restaurant Design Trends: Nature, Technology, and Playfulness

Restaurant Design Trends:

Nature, Technology, and Playfulness

Uncomn Projects is attuned to the latest restaurant design innovations and forecasting the concepts that will drive experiences forward. As leading industry experts, we’re here to uncover the major trends shaping aesthetics and customer expectations.

Join us as we explore rising shifts – from Instagrammable maximalist nature to inclusive digital hues. We’ll reveal how to harness these trends to create spaces that resonate now and in the future. Let’s dive in and start designing the restaurants of tomorrow.


Immersive Heritage – Reflect cultural identity through authentic design details and artisan collaborations


Sustainable Spaces – Showcase eco-efforts by repurposing materials and spotlighting initiatives


Nature Gone Wild – Incorporate supersized greenery and unexpected natural elements to captivate


Digital Dimensions – Craft inclusive experiences with soothing metaverse-inspired hues and art


Playful Interiors – Spark joy with vibrant colors and unconventional, interactive forms


Tranquil Havens – Promote relaxation through neutral palettes, natural materials and soft lighting

Immersive Heritage

In the current geopolitical climate, designers make creative decisions that respond critically to contemporary issues around race, identity, and authorship. Today’s consumers heavily align spending with their values. Satisfy their demand for authenticity by celebrating cultural heritage within your restaurant. Develop a signature aesthetic that tells a unique story through intentional design choices.


Respectfully collaborate with native artisans to source handcrafted accents that reflect your neighborhood’s traditions. Work with diaspora artists and designers to remix influences from your roots into contemporary contexts. Make interiors a canvas for creatives that represent the diverse communities you serve.


Don’t simply borrow aesthetic inspiration – thoughtfully spotlight diverse talents in a way that enriches your locale. Displaying art, fabrics and objects created in partnership with minority makers not only shares and preserves creative legacies – it forges meaningful emotional connections with patrons.

Sustainable Spaces

As transparency becomes mandatory, spotlight your eco-efforts directly within your restaurant design. Bring initiatives to the forefront in creative ways that amplify your commitment.


Use reclaimed and upcycled furniture and decor to reveal your resourcefulness. Upcycle objects on-site to maintain local provenance. Showcase repurposed and recycled materials as intentional aesthetic choices that speak to ingenuity.


Open up the kitchen so patrons can witness sustainable practices first-hand, like hyperlocal ingredient sourcing. Let diners see food waste diversion systems in action. Emphasize transparency to build trust.

Nature Gone Wild

Satisfy cravings for immersive greenery by supersizing natural elements throughout your space. Complement lush botanicals with larger-than-life representations of flora and fauna to create lavish biophilic environments.


Line ceilings with cascade hanging gardens and moss panels to emulate exotic treetop canopies. Introduce floral wall coverings, jungle murals, and oversized custom-crafted botanical sculptures as artistic focal points. Surprise guests with unexpected living features like mini greenhouses.


Merge maximalist nature with playful psychedelia and digital art projections to amplify the escape. Let patrons bask in the restorative power of your urban oasis through hyper-sensory experiences designed to delight all the senses.

Digital Dimensions

Appeal to younger generations by introducing the calming hues and sleek textures of digital space into restaurants. Craft experiences bathed in immersive colours that evoke inclusivity, comfort and future-facing wellbeing.


Use soothing blues and purples inspired by tech interfaces to create a futuristic yet familiar ambiance. Add neo-astro accents like nebula murals, starlit ceilings and planetary booth designs reminiscent of metaverse landscapes. Introduce abstract pixel art and ambient projections to complete the transportive effect.


Dimensionalize interiors further with curved walls, rounded booths and circular floor plans that break up space unconventionally. The possibilities are endless for designing restaurants that feel both analog and digitally-native.

Playful Interiors

Make merrymaking central to your restaurant design through vibrant, youthful decor. Spark excitement and nostalgic joy with a dynamic palette of bright primary and pastel tones.


Introduce furniture in surprising shapes and forms, like swing seating or larger-than-life sculptural tables designed for bonding. Add interactive whimsy through features like ball pits, digital games, and arcade elements to encourage a sense of play.


Amplify the celebratory spirit with graphic murals, bold prints, eclectic wallpapers, and pop art paintings that keep spaces feeling energized from all angles. Let every design detail invite patrons to kick back, unwind and make memories.

Tranquil Havens

In uncertain times, design sanctuaries that soothe and restore. Promote relaxation by surrounding guests with calming colors, natural materials and diffuse lighting to help worries fade away.


Incorporate light wood accents, neutral textiles and earthen ceramic tones. Add abundant greenery alongside minimalist decor. Diffuse harsh overhead lighting with pendant lamps, lanterns and soft accent fixtures.


Craft cave-like cocoons and intimate alcoves where patrons feel protected. Use sound-dampening finishes and dividing screens to keep interiors tranquil. Every choice should invite patrons to de-stress and reconnect over unrushed meals.

Future-Proofed Action Points


  1. Celebrate cultural heritage through intentional design collaborations and details.
  2. Communicate eco-values clearly through materials and transparent practices.
  3. Craft immersive escapes with unexpected, supersized natural elements.
  4. Explore inclusive digital tones and textures for future-facing experiences.


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