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Key Insights: Emerging Trends in Pet Wellness

Key Insights: Emerging Trends in Pet Wellness

As experts guiding wellness brands, we’re here to highlight expanding opportunities to support pet health. Now more than ever, pet owners are prioritizing mental and physical well-being for animal companions. Let’s explore key trends and innovations to help you meet the demand for pet pampering, supplements, soothing experiences, and premium care. By recognizing pets as family, your brand can make caring connections through purposeful products.


  • Calming Anxieties – Offer safe spaces and stress-reducing toys to soothe anxious pets
  • Monitoring Wellness – Enable owners to track health indicators and data for preventive care
  • Soothing Scents – Infuse calming fragrances into sprays, toys and bedding
  • Premium Pampering – Develop high-quality grooming products with luxe natural ingredients
  • Exploring CBD – Formulate pet-specific CBD oils, treats and salves to manage stress
  • Boosting Nutrition – Innovate supplements and boosters that target specific health needs
  • Sparking Joy – Design playful, engaging toys incorporating mind-stimulating puzzles

Calming Anxieties

Supporting Pet Mental Wellbeing

Today’s pet owners are deeply invested in their animals’ health and happiness at home. Our researchers have spotted rising concern over pet anxiety, especially among dogs, cats and small pets. Offering calming sanctuaries through cozy bedding and quiet, enclosed spaces can help restore their sense of safety. Interactive puzzle toys also reduce stress by preventing boredom and loneliness.


Create safe spaces with soft, cocooning beds and enclosures. Reduce behavioral issues by providing engaging toys that entertain and challenge active minds. The goal is to alleviate stress and nurture mental wellbeing.

Monitoring Wellness

Enabling Preventative Care

As family, pets are also being pampered more than ever. Natural grooming products with skin-soothing botanicals and premium ingredients indulge animal companions. Brands able to effectively track health indicators can also provide valuable preventative insights to watchful owners.


Offer wellness-monitoring tools like color-changing litter, at-home test kits, and smart collars. Empower owners to identify potential issues early and prevent health problems proactively.

Soothing Scents

Promoting Calmness Through Aroma

Soothing scents like lavender and chamomile are being infused into sprays, shampoos, toys and bedding. Their calming properties help alleviate stress and anxiety. Pet-specific CBD oils, treats and supplements also aid wellbeing.


Introduce soothing aromas into grooming products and sleeping areas. Leverage calming botanical scents like lavender to create a relaxing atmosphere. Aromatherapy benefits pets too.

Premium Pampering

Indulging in Luxury Pet Care

For wellness brands, our researchers see tremendous potential in extending your expertise to pet care innovations. Let’s explore soothing experiences, preventative health, nutrition supplements and premium quality pampering. There are countless ways to support pet wellbeing while delighting devoted pet parents.


Develop premium natural grooming products that pamper and nurture skin and coats. Enable owners to lavish much-deserved luxury and care through ethical, high-quality ingredients.