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Travel Pet-iquette: Capitalizing on the Rise of Pet-Inclusive Vacations & Stays

Travel Pet-iquette:

Capitalizing on the Rise of Pet-Inclusive Vacations & Stays

Our research reveals a significant surge in demand for pet-friendly travel offerings. As more pet owners seek to bring animal companions along on holidays, huge potential exists for hospitality brands catering to this market.

Our research explores the latest lifestyle trends, statistics, and winning strategies to help you tap into the lucrative pet-inclusive travel space. Let’s uncover insights to curate exceptional escapes that resonate with pet-loving jetsetters.


  • Capturing Loyalty – Going above and beyond builds allegiance and word-of-mouth
  • Growing Pet Travel Market – More accessible options and relaxed regulations expand opportunities
  • VIP Amenities on the Rise – Creative offerings beyond just beds entice pet parents
  • Feline-Focused Options – Luxury cat hotels eliminate guilt for leaving cats at home
  • Localized Pet Staycations – Closer-to-home trips simplify travel logistics with pets
  • Dining Innovations – Gourmet pet menus and pet-friendly seating areas add value
  • Promising Statistics – Significant increases in pet travel and accommodation demand

Building Loyalty Through Stand-Out Amenities

Going Above and Beyond for Pet Owners

Progressive brands go above and beyond to build loyalty with pet parents. For example, Loews Hotels’ “Loews Loves Pets” program provides premium menus, privileges, and dedicated pet ambassadors available at all locations. Red Carnation Hotels offers beds, feeding essentials, pet sitters, dog walkers, and designated pet-friendly dining areas on-site.


By providing exceptional pet amenities, these hotels create stand-out experiences that keep pet owners coming back. Their comprehensive pet-inclusive policies and willingness to accommodate pets’ needs help them earn trust and appreciation. This cultivates loyalty not only from pets, but their human companions as well.


Word spreads quickly when pets are treated like VIPs. Pet owners are inclined to choose hotels where their companions will be pampered and comfortable over basic pet-friendly lodging.

The Growing Pet Travel Market

More Options as Regulations Relax

The market for pet-inclusive travel is expanding as regulations relax and more accessible options emerge. International and domestic travel with pets by plane, train and boat has become easier thanks to changing policies.


As more carriers and tourism providers welcome pets, opportunities abound to capture this growing demographic. Pet owners are increasingly seeking ways to bring animal companions along rather than leave them at home or a kennel.

Catering to Discerning Cat Owners

Luxury Cat Hotels Offer Lavish Stays

Capturing high-end pet owners, luxury cat hotels are a growing segment. These establishments provide lavish suites with climbing structures, expansive play spaces, 24/7 webcam access for owners, and even feline dating services. Pet-friendly cruise lines like Cunard also enable sea travel for both cats and dogs.


By focusing on creating comfortable, engaging experiences for cats, these accommodations eliminate any guilt owners may feel about leaving feline companions behind. The unique amenities and surveillance capabilities provide peace of mind that pets will be content in their absence.


Opportunities abound for elevating pet care and capturing discerning animal owners. As consumers treat pets more like family, they seek accommodations that pamper their companions accordingly.

Simplifying Travel By Staying Local

Pet-Friendly Staycations Meet Demand

To simplify travel logistics, pet staycations closer to home are booming. Sites like PetsPyjamas connect pet owners to nearby cottages, camping facilities, and other pet-inclusive lodging options within driving distance.


These closer-to-home options allow pet owners to avoid the hassle of airports, long flights, and complex logistics required for far-off destinations. Staycations provide accessibility and flexibility since pets can easily be brought along for the drive.


As travel regulations continue easing, pet parents will likely feel more comfortable venturing further. But for now, staycations cater to the market of owners seeking simpler trips where their companions can still join.

Elevating Pet Dining Experiences

Gourmet Options and Pet-Friendly Areas

Creative dining options also add value for pet-inclusive hotels, from gourmet pet menus to designated pet-friendly seating. Loews Hotels offers enticing room service choices like grilled steak, poached salmon, waffles and more to pamper animal taste buds.


Providing pets with their own gourmet dishes and allowing them to dine alongside owners enhances the travel experience. It caters to owners who want to indulge pets with special meals and enjoy time together. Pet-friendly lounges and patios enable that memorable, inclusive dining occasion.

Promising Pet Travel Statistics

Notable Increases in Demand

Statistics show the significant growth and potential in pet-inclusive travel. Pet ferry travel has increased 78% since 2008. Over 50% of travelers insist upon pet-friendly lodging options.


As more pet owners seek to bring animals along rather than leave them behind, demand has surged. The market opportunities are immense for hospitality brands able to capitalize on this rising trend and cater to evolving consumer priorities around pet travel.


The future of travel is fur-friendly. Now is the time to accommodate changing consumer priorities and curate exceptional escapes for pet-loving guests. Together we unleash the possibilities of a future-proofing your brand.