Capitalizing on Multigenerational Travel

Modern families are adventuring together after years apart, sparking a significant rise in multigenerational group travel. This major trend presents tremendous potential for hospitality brands ready to craft exceptional experiences that appeal across ages.


At Uncomn, we have our ear to the ground, listening closely to identify relevant trends and travel movements. Through analyzing data and cultural currents, we spot key opportunities early. Right now, our research indicates families are seeking greater connectivity through escapes tailored to their diverse needs. Explore innovative strategies to help you capitalize on this growing demand.

Reigniting Skip-Gen Trips

Targeting Grandparent-Grandchild Travel

Skip-gen adventures where grandparents take grandkids on vacation present a significant opportunity to the travel industry. Over a third of US grandparents have plans to embark on skip-gen trips within three years.


Provide specialized packages, activities, and accommodations tailored to older generations. Craft accessible experiences that allow grandparents and grandkids to explore comfortably. Make skip-gen trips a strategic focus.

Empowering Younger Voices

Engaging Gen Alpha Influencers

Younger family members, especially Gen Alphas, are heavily influencing travel decisions today. Prioritize child-friendly amenities, creative in-room surprises, and immersive activities for kids. Also carve out dedicated social spaces for teens to relax safely.


Kids and teens have a seat at the decision-making table. Pursue their input when creating new vacation packages and spotlighting locations. Provide areas for teenagers to hang out securely under supervision. Make young voices feel heard to capture the interest of the true decision makers – parents.

Flexible Family Spaces

Designing Multifunctional Accommodations

Multigenerational groups require accommodations that easily adapt to diverse needs. Explore interconnected rooms, communal hangout areas, and multifunctional zones. Crafting flexible spaces enables families to connect and bond comfortably while also providing them with a space of their own.


Create rooms that interconnect through adjoining doors or openings. Add communal areas for group activities and private nooks for alone time. Multifunctional rooms allow families to tailor the space to their needs.

Nature Beckons

Embracing the Great Outdoors

Camping and glamping in the great outdoors offer the perfect blend of affordability and family bonding for multigen groups. Tented accommodations with flexible configurations can be adapted for varying group sizes and preferences.


Appeal to the rising desire for outdoor experiences by offering tent and cabin accommodations. Craft campsites as multigenerational bonding hubs surrounded by the rejuvenating beauty of nature. Amenitize the outdoors like you would a boutique hotel, and create the perfect mix of convenience and natural-awe.


Let’s uncover fresh insights to create experiences that resonate across generations, forging meaningful memories through inclusive design.