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Key Trend: Cozy Living in Multifamily

Key Trend: Cozy Living in Multifamily

Trends come and go – and it can be hard to know which ones are worth noting. Uncomn works hard to decipher which trends you need to know – and which you can do without. One perennial favorite is cozy living, which we forecast will continue thriving well into the years ahead.

Cozy living refers to creating comforting, inviting spaces that engage the senses through soft textures, warm lighting, soothing scents, and personal touches to provide an immersive feeling of relaxation.

As leading experts for multifamily real estate, we’re here to provide data-backed insights to help you capitalize on the cozy living movement. Read on to explore its growth trajectory, aesthetic diversity, and future opportunities to help you create spaces that provide comfort and connection.

  • Evergreen Appeal – Cozy living maintains momentum post-pandemic as a lifestyle staple, experiencing seasonal peaks
  • Evolving Style – Playful cozy aesthetics are rising, while rustic styles decline. It crosses various aesthetics.
  • Multisensory Immersion – Enhance coziness through lighting, scents, textures and decor accents
  • Unconventional Spaces – Extend cozy living to offices, dining rooms, and beyond through clever touches
  • Future Relevance – Cozy living has staying power as people continue to seek ultra-comforting spaces
  • New Directions – Curved Comfort and #SoftWalls represent new opportunities to explore

Evergreen Appeal

Cozy Living as a Perennial Trend

The cozy living trend continues to thrive after taking off in 2020. Our researchers forecast its appeal will remain relevant in the years ahead as people invest in their personal spaces. While it experiences peaks around the winter months, cozy living has become a lifestyle staple rather than just a seasonal trend.

The concept of “cozy season” in the colder months provides an opportunity to market themed events and products. However, today’s consumers seek cozy spaces year-round. Position cozy living as a perennial lifestyle enhancement rather than a timely trend.

Evolving Style

Playful and Eclectic Cozy Aesthetics

We’ve observed the style of cozy living evolving over time beyond just rustic and cabin aesthetics. Playful, youthful cozy interiors mixing bright colors and childhood whimsy are an emerging direction. The comfort of cozy living now crosses various aesthetics from farmhouse to modern.

Incorporate playful touches like polka dot prints, colorful woven throws, and plush pillows to add a whimsical spin. Introduce furniture with curved edges and rounded shapes that provide a joyful, relaxed feel. Mixing modern and playful elements creates an eclectic look with wide demographic appeal.

Multisensory Immersion

Engaging All The Senses

To enhance cozy ambiance, focus on engaging all the senses. Incorporate warming scents through candles, comforting textures with throws and pillows, and set the mood with diffused lighting. Well-placed decor accents like plants, books, and artwork make spaces feel curated and cared for.

Explore decorative candles that provide calming scents when burning, choosing nature-inspired aromas like cedar and sandalwood. Source super-soft blankets and chunky knit throws made from natural tactile yarns. Position books, ceramics, and framed art to add personal character that resonates with residents.

Unconventional Spaces

Expanding Cozy Living

As cozy living expands, consumers seek to infuse it into new areas like dining rooms, home offices, and gaming nooks. Incorporate clever touches like mixed textiles, wood accents, and soft seating options to provide inviting comfort.