Incorporate Google My Business Into Your Digital Marketing Strategy


How to Effectively Incorporate Google My Business Into Your Digital Marketing Strategy

It’s no secret that optimizing your business online can bring more customers. With Google being the
world’s most widely used search engine, Google My Business (GMB) is a valuable platform for increasing
your company’s visibility. Formerly known as Google Local and Google Places, a report by Forbes on
GMB notes that the platform can single-handedly improve a business’s local SEO (search engine
optimization) ranking for free. In addition, it also provides an easy way for potential customers to
contact your business, with up to 60% of smartphone users calling a business directly through the GMB

As more consumers rely on digital tools, GMB has become a cornerstone of any business’s digital
marketing strategy. As outlined in a guide to digital marketing by Maryville University, the money spent
on digital advertising in the US surpassed the amount spent on traditional advertising for the first time
back in 2020. This was due to how smartphones and social media connected humans around the world
like never before. A digital marketing strategy can accelerate an organization’s reach and increase
customer awareness, enabling companies to build a brand with a broader client base. In this article,
we’ll provide tips on how you can incorporate GMB into your real estate digital marketing strategy:

Improve searches through keywords

One of the best ways GMB can help your business market itself is through greater visibility. By
incorporating keywords relevant to your business, you can improve your searchability and encourage
the algorithm to place your company on the top of a Google search page. This is particularly important
for location-based businesses such as real estate.

Most of the time, consumers look for properties based on location. People often search on Google Maps
because it’s usually the most convenient way to receive results. By completing your address details on
GMB, more people can find you with location-based searches. You can take your marketing a step
further by adding great pictures of your properties to put on your business listing, making a more
remarkable impression on customers interested in a specific property.

Direct potential customers to your website

As mentioned earlier, GMB can quickly boost your business’s SEO, giving you greater visibility. A GMB
listing also provides a bonus in that you can add a link to your website, so your customers can click on it
for more information. This is an excellent opportunity to market your selection of properties through
good website practices.

As noted in our post on the “Best Practices For Website Design 2021”, when consumers see that your
website is professional looking and easy to navigate, they are more likely to trust and use your services.
It’s important to note that your website should have a mobile-friendly design, especially considering
that 58% of website visits come from mobile devices. This way, you can maximize conversion rates by up
to 20%.

Gain market insights and facilitate A/B testing

In addition to being a digital listing, Google My Business can provide valuable market insights into your
search performance and audience. Through GMB, you can see analytics such as the click-through rate
(CTR), the kinds of keywords your GMB listing is showing up for, and the number of visitors GMB drives
toward your site, to name a few. You can also compare your page to your competitors, giving you better
ideas about what you need to improve your marketing strategies.

For long-term success, PracticalEcommerce on A/B testing recommends that you do split tests of your
listing and website to drive up your engagement. You can see which changed elements perform better
through client-side and server-side testing. Some aspects you can change include page layouts,
keywords, calls-to-action, and social proofs. You can slowly but surely improve your marketing strategies
by making these minor adjustments over time.

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Written by Alicia Miles

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