Project Brief

Frost Chaddock
Studio City


Developed by Frost Chaddock, Vida is a 96-units building located in Studio City. Vida harnesses attributes of the modern architecture of the building with clean lines, warm tones, and a pop of green color that represents a vibrant good life where Vida got its name. Uncomn Projects developed a marketing campaign strategy tailored for apartments in Studio city that includes creating Vida’s logo and branding, marketing collateral, website design, and continued digital marketing efforts.

Brand Identity

Uncomn Projects explored options to evoke a sense of suave escapism, with a sophisticated and powerful observation of the Vida building’s exterior colors. Vida’s branding evolved into a simple, modern, and elegant use of a sans serif font with a play on the letter “V” reflected to create the “A.” It was essential to the brand that all of the elements follow a predefined set of rules. Brand guidelines help ensure the brand remains strong, keeps consistency, and is easily recognizable when used throughout all brand collateral.


Studio City is strong, lively, and its community members appreciate living life to the fullest. The curated logo combined with the graphic for their slogan “the good life” allows for a playful experience in their marketing collateral – from brochures to lifestyle photography. Our goal was to invite the target demographic for the building to explore Vida.


Vida needed a clean and presentable website that was seamless to navigate for their prospects. Uncomn’s team created a mobile-first website for the on-the-go customers that live in Studio City. Uncomn Projects was able to tell a lively and creative story throughout the website showcasing “the good life” Vida displays.


In efforts to reinforce the brand’s messaging and awareness Uncomn Projects developed digital marketing strategies that drove the lead generation of Vida. They signed up for Uncomn’s full suite of marketing services: search engine marketing, social media advertising, email marketing, and social media. The use of a carefully curated grid that displays the benefits of living in Studio City and the vibrant life within the building, and the unique techniques of search engine optimization driving this is key to a successful lease-up. With complete control over digital marketing, Uncomn Projects has been able to pivot the campaigns to continued success over time.

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