The Fitz at Fairfax

Project Brief


Palisades Development


Los Angeles



The position for The Fitz on Fairfax apartment marketing campaign was to attract the target market who yearns for the vibrant community for young creatives who want modern amenities and stunning design aesthetics in the heart of West Hollywood. Uncomn Projects’ goal was to offer thoughtful luxury to a community that values self-expression and charming elegance and a home as unique and refined as the people who live there.


Brand Identity

Inspiration for The Fitz on Fairfax is drawn from the ornate storefronts of Paris. The French stylistic cues of the building’s interior design include:

  • The checkerboard tile and wood herringbone flooring.
  • Loud entry doors.
  • The whimsical nature of the property

By bringing a modern edge to a classic look, we can set The Fritz apart from its physical location while making it feel like it always belonged. We want the brand to exude a transformative experience when on the property. 


The name Fitz on Fairfax was inspired by the whimsy of the building’s design which was a nod to The Grand Budapest Hotel. Incorporating elements of the roaring 20s and a style reminiscent of The Great Gatsby, The name was chosen as The Fitz on Fairfax because it represents the tongue-in-cheek, playful personality of the building.

The Logo

Uncomn Projects created a brand for The Fitz on Fairfax inspired by the whimsy of the building’s design while incorporating elements of the roaring 20s. The apartment logo represents a playful personality that knows luxury—drawn inspiration from the interior of the building lobby with flamingos. The Fitz on Fairfax is the epitome of fun and refined elegance.


Brand Patterns, Colors, and Application 

Uncomn Projects created marketing collateral that is on-brand to the whimsy and playful personality. The brand pattern created by Uncomn Projects is a 2-dimensional version of the exterior art installation, which has become a modular brand design element. By cropping and zooming into different areas of the design, we can have many different variations of this graphic to have slight variations in application. The dot pattern creates overlays on layouts where images are either not needed or need a little more character. The pattern can be used in any color combo that works with the design. In creating the aesthetics for the apartment marketing collateral, the concept of gradient coloring mapping was a fit. The apartment marketing campaign uses gradient coloring mapping of lifestyle images and photos promoting the physical property.



The Fitz on Fairfax stays true to its brand and aesthetics when landing on the apartments website. Uncomn Projects developed a unique website that projects being playful, young, and creative. The website created for the apartment complex assures prospects of the fun environment and lavish lifestyle. The website is straightforward and provides a stand-out user experience on both desktop & mobile.


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