Project Brief


Frost Chaddock


Larchmont Village



Developed by Frost Chaddock, Qwil Apartments is an 88-unit building located in Larchmont Village. Phrases such as timeless, prestige, and grandeur began a new brand identity. Inspired by a quill, an unexpected writing utensil where every stroke is different and unique. Uncomn Projects developed a marketing campaign strategy tailored for apartments in Larchmont Village. The full package included naming Qwil, the logo and brand assets, marketing collateral, website design, and continued digital marketing efforts.


Brand Identity

Qwil’s name incorporates the area’s historic film and cinema background to inspire images of a screenwriter writing their script. It also evokes ideas of writing your own LA story and your own narrative, which relates to the target demographic of the area because of the numerous studios and creative employers nearby.

Apartment Logo Design

The logo captures the name in a unique, timeless, and identifiable fashion. A standard quill pen’s nib is the inspiration behind this logotype. Combining a nib’s key design characteristics and line results of thick & thin movements creating a dynamic and strong mark. The icon is a statement as it captures the shape of an old-fashioned quill.


Marketing Collateral

To develop a cohesive brand, patterns were then generated from the logo mark to create a distinct brand identity across all of their marketing. The repeated icon of the quill creates an everlasting elegance of old Hollywood. Brand guidelines were developed to ensure the brand remains strong, keeps consistency, and is easily recognizable when used throughout all marketing collateral. The brand patterns and elegant colors of orange and purple elevated the brand identity to appeal to those in Hollywood. The brand guidelines are implemented on all marketing materials – from the website, email campaigns, brochures, and promotional materials.



Qwil needed a website just as elegant and clean as the brand. It also needed to be user-friendly for prospects to easily convert. Uncomn Projects creates mobile-friendly websites first for the busy Hollywood prospect on the go. With the brand guidelines in mind, the website created embraced the story of Larchmont Village and the prospect of wanting to live in the city.

Front View iMac Pro Mockup by Anthony Boyd Graphics


In efforts to reinforce the brand’s messaging and awareness Uncomn Projects developed digital marketing strategies that drove the lead generation for Qwil. Uncomn provided a full suite of marketing services such as search engine optimization (SEO), search engine marketing (SEM), social media advertising, email marketing, and curated social media management. Incorporating the brand elements throughout the digital marketing assets, beautifully branded emails, and social content. Constant daily optimization across their paid advertisements both organic SEO, SEM advertising and paid social media generated leads. The marketing strategy to brand elements across all digital channels provided a brand identity that resonated in the minds of the prospects. Uncomn Projects digital marketing strategy brought leads to the hands of property managers. With complete control over digital marketing, Uncomn Projects has been able to pivot the campaigns to continued success over time.

Front View iMac Pro Mockup by Anthony Boyd Graphics

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