The Pearl on Wilshire

About the project.

Developed by CityView, The Pearl on Wilshire is a 240-unit apartment building in the Koreatown neighborhood of Los Angeles. The Pearl is one of Uncomn’s most successful projects, achieving a leasing velocity that blew the competition away, delivering up to 50 leases per month.

Market study.

Uncomn observed that the majority of the market was selling a lifestyle rooted in the area’s nightlife scene, ignoring the unique needs of the consumer. We launched our Consumer Insight and Market Study research and discovered not only the needs of people living in the local area but the needs and desires of Korean culture as well.

Ultimately, Uncomn discovered that there was a pervasive feeling of loneliness and a desire for wellness. The Pearl became the first multifamily building to sell a lifestyle rooted in wellness, which has led to a successful lease-up.


Brand identity.

This brand was built to attract a consumer that demands luxury services, high-end wellness products, and a high-quality of living. Uncomn researched the components that beauty brands and resorts employ in their brands and messaging to achieve this.



Using a cost-effective templated solution, Uncomn created a unique experience with imagery that connected to the target demographic and messaging that communicated the benefits of wellness and community that could be enjoyed as a resident of The Pearl.


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Uncomn’s full-suite of services was used at AVEN to make 536-units stand out in a market with more than 2,000 units delivering at the same time.


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