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Developed and managed by MACK Real Estate Group, AVEN is a 536-unit high-rise located in the South Park neighborhood of downtown Los Angeles. AVEN is a prime example of the success Uncomn Projects can deliver for a project when we are able to flex our full suite of services for an asset, from Market Insight + Positioning to Brand Activations and Digital Marketing to Resident Services. Since leasing began, the leasing team has increased rents 5x and remains a velocity leader in the market.

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Market Insight + Positioning

With more than 2,000+ units coming online at the same time as AVEN, we needed to take a deep-dive into the market to uncover how we could differentiate this asset and set us on course for a strong lease up. By asking the client the right questions and using data analysis and trend research, Uncomn was able to determine exactly who the target audience was and craft an identity and marketing strategy to attract them.


aven-portfolio-apartment consumer market study

Brand identity.

The AVEN brand needed to attract a diverse group of prospective residents with specific qualifications, while remaining fun and ambitious – something that stood out from the stuffy “luxury” feel that the competitive set was selling. To achieve this, we leaned into the idea of nostalgia with notes of an athleisure fashion brand. This laid the foundation for a brand that was energetic and active, allowing a culture to be conveyed through design aesthetic.


aven-portfolio-apartment brand-identity
aven-portfolio-apartment marketing
aven-portfolio-apartment branding


AVEN needed a custom solution to tell their brand story and convey the level of quality and community offered at this brand-new luxury high-rise development. Uncomn’s team of talented developers created a flexible, custom WordPress website. The result was a completely unique online experience for the multifamily industry.


aven-portfolio-website design for apartments

Brand activation.

Following the delivery of the asset, Uncomn was given a budget to design brand installations throughout AVEN. These can be found in the Future Resident Parking garage, where Uncomn created a super-graphic that draws prospects in, or in the 7th Floor feature walls where Uncomn designed wayfinding for AVEN’s dog owners to lead them to “Follow the Paws” out to the Wooftop Park. These installations reinforce AVEN’s brand throughout the leasing tour path, but also keep residents engaged in the AVEN brand once they’ve moved in. The property management team has also found that these installations are a positive influence on the community culture.


aven-portfolio-brand installations

Digital marketing.

AVEN signed up for Uncomn’s full-suite of marketing services: search engine marketing, social media advertising, email marketing, social media, and digital signage. This gives Uncomn the power to manage the full marketing spend, giving us deep insight into the areas that are performing better than others and allowing our teams to make sound decisions to shift spend on the fly. This is key to a successful lease up.


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aven-portfolio social media marketing

Resident services.

Uncomn delivers top-notch resident events that ensure unique experiences for the AVEN community. In addition to on-site events, AVEN residents get the best perks in downtown LA through local business partnerships cultivated by Uncomn. All of these are promoted and communicated to residents through our robust Resident Communication platforms.


aven-portfolio-apartment resident retention ideas
aven-portfolio-apartment events

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