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Apartment Brand Identity Design For Multifamily

Developing  brand identity and brand guidelines is how your residents and prospective tenants perceive the property and apartment community. From naming the property and designing apartment logos to brand graphics and interior space concepts, aligning the elements of your brand throughout the physical property and online will differentiate your asset from the competition.

Developing a cohesive brand identity for your apartment community requires analyzing the property and its amenities, market, and message. Executing the brand throughout every touchpoint can help prospective residents make a decision when leasing.

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Naming an Apartment Building.

Uncomn Projects utilizes their consumer insight reports and thoughtfully crafts various naming options that meet the property’s differentiation strategy. This process begins by looking at potential hooks or themes for your asset based on locality, history, etc. Next, our creative team conceptualizes names for your property that suit each multifamily design route. The naming process includes trademark research and URL availability. This process typically consists of 2 rounds of naming with our clients that fit the desired feeling.

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Apartment Logo & Typography.

Once the name is approved, the Uncomn Projects team of designers develops 2 unique brand identity examples. Our process begins with creating inspiration decks and mood boards that meet the requirements of the property’s overall exterior aesthetic, interior design, and differentiation strategy. Our graphic designers develop an apartment logo along with supplemental logo alternatives that can be used in various placements throughout the brand’s guidelines.

All apartment logos and fonts designed by Uncomn Projects are custom allowing each logo to be trademarked. Web-safe fonts are selected to ensure brand consistency throughout the property’s interiors, collateral, as well as online.

Apartment Logo Example
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Apartment Graphic Design

Patterns, Fonts, Colors

Distinctive apartment graphic design helps to communicate the properties story. On a website, the brand identity examples such as patterns that incorporate diamonds or a beach city property that incorporates palm patterns can convey various feelings to the consumer. Uncomn Projects utilizes these brand identity patterns in environmental graphics throughout the property. They can be used for wayfinding, future resident parking, and other brand touchpoints.

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Brand Identity & Brand Voice

What would a brand be without a good story? Uncomn Projects helps create a brand identity to convey a message that resonates with your prospective residents. During brand development, messaging lays the foundation for the website and collateral copy. Language is a cornerstone of apartment branding. Also, it helps the internal corporate culture convey the personality of the asset and give cues to how they should look and speak about the brand to future residents. The voice of the brand strings together the apartment logo and brand guidelines.

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apartment brand identity design uncomn projects
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Apartment Branding Visual Consistency

Our team of graphic designers for apartment branding creates brand identity examples such as high-quality renderings and mockups of interior spaces, promotional items, signage, and environmental graphics to help the visualization process of real-life uses. We ensure consistency throughout every touchpoint of the customer journey from the moment a prospective resident first encounters your website, to when they step into the leasing center.

Brand Identity Example

Brand Guidelines.

Brand Guidelines are a useful resource to communicate your brand to your organization, your partners, and prospective residents within your target audience. Uncomn Projects provides a comprehensive deck that includes all the important brand guidelines for your brand’s identity, voice, color palette, imagery, apartment logo, typography, brand voice, and more. Brand guidelines are essential to keep your brand identity consistent and recognizable as you develop content for your brand or when re-branding.

Brand Guideline Examples
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