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The 5 Benefits of Market Insight & Positioning

The 5 Benefits of Market Insight + Positioning For Developers   Utilizing market insight and positioning is an essential part of building any community. When building a community from scratch, it can be easy to forget who you’re making it for. To retarget towards a successful lease-up with decisions rooted…
January 24, 2022

How To Point Your Domain From GoDaddy

4 Easy Steps 1. Log in to GoDaddy 2. Edit the current A record 3. Optional: Configure CNAME record for www 4. Double-check your work Note: DNS propagation times Note: Custom nameservers Log in to GoDaddy Step 1: In a separate tab, log in to the GoDaddy administration panel Step 2: On the My…
August 3, 2021
ResidentialThought leadership

Co-Living Post Covid-19

Are Consumers Into Co-Living Post Covid-19?   Photo by Common Living Co-living is a new rental trend with shared housing arrangements that have grown in popularity, especially in major cities. This new type of housing offers a lower cost of living for new construction with luxury finish amenities with the…
August 2, 2021

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